customized, on-demand reporting

Stronger and Faster Decisions


  • Built Using Existing Licenses
  • Built in Your Enviornment
  • 100% Data Ownership

actionable dashboards

  • Metrics from Every Source in One Place
  • Tailored and Branded to Your Program
  • 100% Dashboard Ownership

increase efficiency

  • Stop Searching Through Excel Sheets
  • View Longitudinal Data 10x Faster
  • Focus On What Matters

Save time and the hassle

Unlock the Power of Your Data

iNTEGRATing Every Department

Experience the power of tailored reporting, where you receive custom, on-demand reports tailored to your program’s unique needs and objectives. From weight room stats to speed metrics, nutrition information to game statistics, and even academic data, our platform seamlessly integrates all aspects of your athletic program into one cohesive system.

focus on what matters

The Problem

Extensive man-hours are expended in an effort to accurately integrate massive amounts of data in hopes of making an informed decision.

The Solution

An automated system that seamlessly collects, validates, and integrates data to deliver comprehensive reports for quick and informed decision-making while saving endless hours of manual labor searching through files

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