Our team has spent years engaging with coaches and immersing ourselves in football programs to gain firsthand insights into the challenges they face. Combining our passion for the game with our technical skills, we develop innovative solutions that bridge the gap between traditional coaching and data-driven insights. Our team is comprised of former military and former athletes looking to take pride in your program through the power of technology.

Danny Davis - Our founder

With his systems engineering background from the United States Military Academy, Dan brings a unique perspective to the sports industry. Throughout his career, Dan has gained invaluable insights into the challenges athletic programs face and the opportunities for improvement. With a strong focus on data-driven solutions and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the game, Dan strives to revolutionize the way teams approach coaching and performance analysis.

In this podcast, the topic of data analytics and its relationship with leadership is discussed. The two guests, Dan and Danny, share their backgrounds and how they both have experience with analytics, including its importance in leadership and decision-making. They explain how recognizing patterns and utilizing the OODA Loop can be used to gain an advantage and overwhelm opponents. The guests also provide insights into their process for gathering information and delegating tasks to coaches, including assigning a limited set of data to each coach to better understand the team’s performance. Additionally, they discuss the importance of using technology to save time and create a better workflow. The podcast concludes with contact information for those who want to learn more about the topic.

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